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I had a package of boneless chicken breast in the fridge this afternoon, so I decided to prepare all of it for dinner this evening. I had recently bought an Indian chicken dish (chicken tikka masala) from Whole Foods that I liked but I wanted to make something different. I had leftover cumin from a cumin-encrusted salmon dish I made a few days prior, and after a brief Whole Foods recipe search for various chicken dishes, I settled on a flour and cracker-crumb mixture with black sesame seeds, ground mustard, paprika, and a little ginger (but not the beer).


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I sprinkled white pepper lightly on twoof the chicken breasts and then coated them in the cumin mixture. The remaining two breasts I dipped in a beaten egg mixture and coated with the flour and cracker crumbs. I mixed a coriander (dried cilantro) chutney with Greek yogurt as an Indian condiment with the chicken and the Basmati rice.


I had one of the cumin encrusted pieces of chicken with rice for dinner tonight while Savannah envied every piece. It was delicious. Jim ate his dinner in Spc 64.


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