Don’t Talk To Me, I Am Not There

November 26, 2016 by Posted in: Daily Blog

The took Sh#$head away in early August of this year. Presumably, that’s when the movie ends. That’s also when my two brothers, their wives, my parents, my ex, his girlfriend & his brother, a bunch of Hollywood movie stars, and a few other assorted criminals showed up at the house next door to mine. They have been here ever since. For some reason they have made their primary objective my constant harassment, persecution, and psychological abuse. They speak into microphones to amplify their voices for the sole purpose of attacking and persecuting me, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. They persist daily in this despite having been told repeatedly, hundreds of times not to do this, in addition to the reasons why they are not to do this.

They have been living in a house that is not theirs. They refuse to leave for absolutely no reason whatsoever. All entirely bent on my harassment and persecution. For this reason, I say that they are malicious and sadistic. My older brother is deranged. My younger brother is headed the same direction. My parents have never discussed this issue with me at any time, and yet there are all here now refusing to meet with me face to face.

Last night they attempted to get me to speak to them using a hidden microphone someone had placed in my room so they could talk to me from the house next door. This is infuriating, given the fact that they were merely ten feet away. They could not simply have walked over and knocked on my front door?

Now they are waiting for Jeff’s confession? And perhaps SM (Sam?) cooperation???? Anything else?

The issue with most of the people in the house next door is this:

  • they tried to silence me and prevent me from doing anything about this horrific nightmare that has gone on for the past 15 years
  • if they didn’t actively try to silence me, they ignored me and refused to acknowledge the problem
  • they have all blamed ME for what has happened

As far as I can tell, all these people have been running around acting like chickens with their heads cut off. Yelling constantly at all hours of the day and night. Rather than seeing any improvement, the situation has grown increasing more and more chaotic. Jeff has been high on speed constantly and Warren is too busy trying to organize hits against me to bother with anything else.

Hundreds if not thousands of people have moved to this area in an attempt to solve this problem, to no avail. Jeff spent at least two weeks trying to convince my parents to have me institutionalized. My parents had both decided that I was incapable of taking care of myself, and that I should in fact be institutionalized. For some reason they persist in treating as if I was a small child. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The problem is that everyone in my entire family, including my ex-husband refuse to talk to me or even acknowledge this situation ever since it began. So, they have no way of knowing what I’ve experienced. They don’t acknowledge or even appreciate any of my accomplishments. I have been disregarded and ignored until this time.

If no one has the courage to approach me face to face, and acknowledge the truth, then I have nothing to say to them. I do not appreciate being lied to, and I am not a child, so please do not treat me like one. I am not interested in your apologies, explanations, excuses, complaints, or delusions. Don’t talk to me, I am not there.

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