Download My Memoir Chapter “Buddhism!”

I am currently offering my memoir chapter “Buddhism” as a free downloadable PDF file on my website. Please feel free to download as many copies as you like, as many times as you like.

  Click on the link below to download or view the PDF file.



I really appreciated Brooke Warner and Howard VanEs’s valuable advice at their Self-Publishing Summit this past weekend. I have so many more new ideas about how to move forward with my memoir and my career as a writer. I am also really excited about publishing my “mini” ebook on Kindle. I’m going to finish up with the Chapter 3 revisions and then I’ll be set! I haven’t heard back yet from Kindle Singles, but I’m hoping for the best. Brooke and Howard also had some great ideas about making blogs more interactive, and encouraging my readers to leave comments for me. I also plan on starting a 1-2 page bimonthly newsletter that I will make available to my subscribers. My newsletter will offer updates and announcements about my memoir, my Kindle ebook, and anything else I plan on writing in the future. I will also devote a section to mental health tips, advice, suggestions, and awareness in addition to whatever else might be happening in the mental health and wellness community including spirituality related to Buddhism and women’s issues. The newsletter will also have a small area for Buddhist and non-Buddhist quotes that I and my readers find encouraging – similar to the Quote section that is currently posted on my website.

Thanks for reading!


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