El Camino Hospitalization

I checked one of my journals for any entries dated the spring of 2002, but the closest entries I found are dated September 2001. Then the entries skip to June 21, 2002. I left Oxnard and arrived at Bert & Shirley Myers house in Sunnyvale, CA sometime in March or April, 2002. Around this same time of year 15 years ago. The police report from that night would show the exact date.

This morning I promised myself I would vilify their behavior for the rest of my life (Bert, Shirley, Warren & Jeff Myers). While I was looking for the exact date of my arrival in Sunnyvale 15 years ago, I briefly re-read a few journal entries from my second hospitalization at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA. What I wrote at that time clearly illustrates the trust I had in the four people whom I considered my family at that time (i.e. people who loved and cared about me).

I’ve been admitted to the Behavioral Health Department at El Camino Hospital this afternoon. It was a nice admittance, rather than last time. It’s much more relaxed here than at Mass General. I have a nice psychiatrist – she is prescribing me new medication. This time – Paxil and another anti-psychotic?

June 21, 2002

I heard Sara earlier this morning, saying something about HIV (that’s really all she ever says as far as I can tell)…I’m looking forward to leaving as well. They keep asking me if I’m afraid, if I feel safe, if I think people are trying to kill me, if I’m anxious or nervous. Sometimes I am, sometimes not. I think I’ve gotten so used to these people harassing me and pursuing me constantly, that for it not to occur is rather unusual. I just wish they’d leave me be!! Get on with their lives already!

June 24, 2002

Chris is the worst, as he is always describing my thoughts and whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing. Anyway, I’m sick of it. I’m looking forward to leaving the hospital and possibly teaching or finding a great job. This is what I’m truly looking forward to.

June 24, 2002

Apparently what I thought happened the night I arrived in Sunnyvale was not what happened. Not by a long shot. What I thought happened was I woke up in the middle of the night to some commotion. I heard Warren’s voice coming from the bedroom next to mine inside the house telling me to dial 911. I dialed 911, the police came and took me outside the house and waited with me along the side of the house for awhile. During this time, what actually transpired between the Sunnyvale Police Dept, Bert, Shirley, Warren and Jeff Myers, Sam McKellar and Preston Scott was never discussed with me.

Suffice it to say, the only people I actually saw that night were the Sunnyvale PD and Bert & Shirley Myers. When the police led me back into the house, Shirley had gone to bed. Apparently she had lied to the police that night and said I had a man (Preston Scott?) in my bedroom, and tried to get the police to take me to the psych ward that night, rather than let me back into their house. That didn’t happen but afterward, Bert spoke with me briefly over a glass of warm milk in the kitchen. All he had to say was, “I’m sorry you have to go through this.”

What actually happened that night is entirely different. What actually happened is that Warren Myers, Preston Scott and Sam McKellar showed up that night because they had all followed me to Sunnyvale as one big group from the house in Oxnard. A discussion took place between Sam McKellar, Warren, Bert and Shirley Myers. Perhaps they were wondering what was going on with all these people. At any rate, McKellar gave Shirley Myers some sort of choice to make and ultimately what ended up happening was Shirley decided to turn me over to McKellar as some sort of “payment” for whatever it was she thought I’d done. Ultimately, she decided he used me as his personal prostitute to pay off my “debt.”


Fifteen years later, I discover that Shirley (as well as Bert, Warren and Jeff) believed me to be some sort of slut/prostitute/escort for my entire life, who lied and screwed men to get jobs and college degrees (probably because this is what the four of them have done their entire lives). The crazy thing is, none of them ever bothered to ask me one single question. In addition to this fact, Shirley blamed her decision on Warren. Her first response to my question as to what happened that night with Sam McKellar:

It wasn’t our decision.

Meaning she wasn’t the one who decided to hand me over to McKellar, but rather Warren was to blame. Looking back at my second hospitalization at El Camino Hospital, when asked why she never said anything to me about Sara, McKellar and the others who were still stalking and harassing me at that time, Shirley responded:

We thought it was ok for her to be in the hospital.

Re-reading my journal entries from that time, and considering what has transpired over the past eight months, I realize what horrible people the four of them really are. The problem is they don’t actually give a shit. They’re only concern is for themselves. For this reason I will vilify all four of them for the rest of their lives.

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