Everyone Else Did

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It seems that after 47 years of life, I discovered that my parents (and two older, male siblings) have a completely distorted perspective of me as a person. Other than my name and physical appearance, I bear little or no resemblance to the person my four immediate family members think I am.

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It appears that my mother always believed me to be involved in some way in prostitution (at least since college), and that part of the reason she never spoke to me about this never ending nightmare was because she was partially responsible. It turns out that she preferred to risk her daughter’s life (at the hands of S McKellar) over her own, when approached that night in 2002 by the Sunnyvale PD, Preston Scott, and Warren Myers.

My mother assumed I became McKellar’s “escort,” and decided at some point that there was no need to ever talk to me because I was “going down” with all the rest. Jeff Myers kept McKellar on my ass for the next 15 years, for quite literally no reason. Jeff Myers also maintains that I am actively engaged in prostitution. Warren Myers and Bert Myers also share the same opinion.

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