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May 14, 2017 by Posted in: Daily Blog

I came home from walking Savannah this afternoon and D Hoffman started up again with his mumbling in my ear. Of course this has (almost) always been at the behest of Jeff Myers. Both of them refuse to stop this behavior. Here’s an example of what they do for the better part of every day. J Myers negotiates some sort of “agreement” [typically involving payment] with D Hoffman to continue or perhaps restart his “harassment” of me, by turning the volume up on his headset and speaking into it constantly. He has to turn the volume up load enough so that I can hear his voice and so that it bothers me. They check to see if I can hear their voices by reading the tweets/texts from whoever is typing them up next door (they’re all in the same house next door to me). Occasionally if I am watching TV or listening to music, words from the radio or TV will get mixed in with whatever I happen to be thinking about and the conversations of other people in the house. Remember – I am still by myself in my own house. Everyone else is next door.

For example, currently D Hoffman has placed himself in the corner of the room where he thinks is closest to me, or wherever he will be most annoying. Meanwhile, J Myers sits on the other side of the room discussing his actions with some else who is trying to get him to discontinue his behavior. At some point, usually when there is a break in my activity or thought, D Hoffman will stop his mumbling, get up, approach J Myers with a note he has written about whatever the text says I am thinking or doing, and then asks him a question – usually about whether J Myers wants him to continue with the abusive behavior. The pattern repeats itself. J Myers and D Hoffman negotiate something similar, D Hoffman finds out where I am in my house, walks closest in their house to where they think I am (for example, if I am in the back of my house and walk to the front of my house, they will also walk from the back of their house to the front of their house) and starts speaking into his headset again. The problem is they repeat this behavior continuously throughout the entire course of the day and into the night for no discernible reason.

What I did a few minutes ago was wake up from a nap with the TV on. I heard D Hoffman’s voice start mumbling, he usually tries to repeat whatever he is reading from the texts (i.e. whatever I am supposed to be thinking or doing). I turned to volume up on the TV a little bit so I wouldn’t be able to hear his voice. He stopped talking and I heard a young woman’s voice (speaking into a headset, as I do not hear their natural voices otherwise unless they are a little louder). Her voice was extremely piercing in my ear/brain so I got angry and turned the volume up on the TV again. She continued talking and she has started speaking into her headset again as I write this. Is there some reason they feel the need to repeat what I write? Out loud? In a manner that I can hear?

Whoever this second woman was has chosen to ignore me. She has stopped talking for the time being or has reduced the volume of the headset or lower the pitch. Either way, they continue with their psychological torment, verbal abuse and verbal harassment.

The loudest I had the TV volume at (this is a standard Sony 32″ or 34″) was 92 to drown out their voices enough so that I could barely hear what they were saying in comparison to the TV.

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