Exercise & Gardening As Therapy

I’m back! I didn’t post to my blog last week because my niece was visiting me from the East Coast. We had so much fun last week while she was here. I took her to the beach in Santa Cruz, we went hiking and took a tour of the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View. We also went to the SJ Earthquakes/LA Galaxy soccer game on Saturday night at Stanford Stadium, and it was great! The fans were really loud and noisy, but the Earthquakes won! Hooray!

I’m doing better and better at managing the voices. I haven’t been hearing many voices recently, and I continue to keep my thoughts focused on other aspects of my life. I try to stay in the present, and not dwell on the past. I’ve noticed that I still feel some worry, fear and occasional concern about my safety or John’s safety, but for the most part, this fear has been alleviated. John and I are still working on getting back in shape, and I’ve also noticed that exercising really helps as it gives me something to direct my energy into. So does gardening. Instead of getting angry at the voices or other people, I take it out on the weeds and the plants that I don’t like. I rip the ugly flowers out by the root and toss them aside disparagingly, not caring if I’m weeding properly. It’s very therapeutic!

I’m still working on my memoir. I received a rejection letter from an agent in New York that I had contacted recently. I haven’t finished the manuscript yet, but I’m aiming for October. Wish me luck!


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