Let Me Explain Things More Clearly

May 13, 2017 by Posted in: Daily Blog

I decided to explain things more clearly. The problem with the people in the house next door to me is that they consistently use headsets (like the kind you would use with a Bluetooth/smartphone) which come with volume controls. I have no idea why any of these people bother to bring headsets with them into the house – they maintain they need them for communication purposes. What they use them for is to harass me as much as possible. The problem is that if they have the volume turned on, I can hear them speaking from where I am over here next door. They have been told this repeatedly. They have also been told that it bothers me and that it is a form of psychological torment. A few of these people (Jennifer Aniston, Jeff Myers, Dustin Hoffman) use the headsets consistently for this specific purpose (i.e. my harassment and psychological torment). I am unsure as to why.

Occasionally, Jeff Myers maintains that he doesn’t understand or doesn’t believe that I am able to hear him speaking into his headset from where ever I am (i.e. the house next door, at the Buddhist center, in my car when he is stalking me, etc…). He uses this to explain why he doesn’t see the need to turn the volume down on his headset, although he has paid (in various forms) Dustin Hoffman since February to perform this exact sort of “deed/service.” Dustin Hoffman is continuously warned, perhaps every 15-20 minutes or so, sometimes less frequently. DH has also been fined at least once for this behavior, but refuses to comply – giving only illogical explanations for his behavior. Given the fact that I have never met Dustin Hoffman in person (nor has he met me at any time), nor does he have any idea who I am, I am going to say that his reasons for this type of persecution relate to his own crimes, substance abuse issues, and Jeff Myers. The same can also be said of Jennifer Aniston, since we have never met at any time, in person or other.

I realized that Jeff Myers was primarily responsible for nailing Sam McKellar to my ass for approximately eight years (this would be after my parents left Sunnyvale in early 2008 until August, 2016). This arrangement apparently included some type of threat issued to SM in the event he disobeyed Jeff Myers’ instructions, in addition to several requirements that were probably added on over the years which related to:

  • ensuring I did not earn a significant/substantial income (i.e. memoir/movie deal)
  • ensuring my constant psychological torment and harassment/stalking

I am aware that Jeff Myers is not the person I always thought he was (as well as Warren Myers & both my parents). However, when I thought back (and listened in on the conversations next door) I realized that the perspective all four of these family members had of me was completely distorted for my entire life. They all saw me as some sort of slut or prostitute and I had no idea. They never said anything to me.

Two Decembers ago, Jeff and Lin visited here briefly. A week or so after they left I confronted Jeff about having dropped a couple pills of Sudafed in my coffee on New Year’s Day. I didn’t see him do it, but about twenty minutes after drinking my coffee, I fell asleep and I couldn’t figure out why. I was supposed to have gone to a New Year’s Buddhist meeting at 10AM that morning, but I was too sleepy. Jeff Myers had drugged my coffee. When I confronted him a week or so after they left using Facebook messager, Jeff Myers denied he had done anything wrong and suggested I had hallucinated feeling drowsy. Raul never said anything about the incident and I never asked.

I never discovered any real reason Jeff Myers would have for claiming I ruined his life. He seems to have done so indirectly by relating it to Sam McKellar’s general presence in my life (and by extension his) and perhaps McKellar’s interference with his (Jeff Myers’) own illegal criminal activities.

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