Exposure for Aspiring Writers

Tomorrow we leave for DC! I chanted earlier this morning for about 20 minutes. I found a website called The Whistling Fire through a Linked In Women’s Memoir group that I joined. I decided to join Linked In a few days ago, and found that quite a few of my friends and family are also on Linked In. I joined a few writing groups, and discovered other women writing about their experiences with mental illness and mental health. That’s how I came across The Whistling Fire website. The Whistling Fire is a website that allows aspiring writers to submit their work. Their editors review submissions, and decide whether to publish it on their site. I decided to submit a brief section from my book, the part I wrote about being admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital. I haven’t written anything for my book in awhile. Mostly I’ve been packing and cleaning. I did get another rejection letter from an agent I had submitted my book proposal to, but I’m not worried about it. I’m going to keep trying. Yesterday, I heard some voices, but I didn’t pay attention. I am always telling myself that it’s best not to pay attention to them. Sometimes I can’t help it, but I think I’m getting better at it.

We had our baby niece over yesterday for the day while her mom was working. She’s a very cute baby. John said he wanted to adopt her and name her Yoko. I told her mom that, and she laughed. John’s mom was giving the baby a bath in the kitchen sink, and she was so cute I took a picture. John sent the picture to the baby’s mom, and she posted it on her Facebook page. Babies are very cute, but a lot of work!

Baby's Bathtime


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