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August 7, 2017 by Posted in: Daily Blog

These are a few more people who are are associated with the family name “Comey” who are still here resolving the same issues, with of course the one exception, “Jim.” These names are taken from this list of Google search results

using the name “James B. Comey”


  • M. Comey (F) youngest girl has one or two toddlers that were supposed to be associated as “grandchildren” with the last name “Comey”
  • B. Comey (M)
  • A. Comey (F)
  • C. Comey (M) died
  • C. Comey (F)
  • K. Comey (F)


  • P. Failor (F)
  • C. Comey (M)
  • P. Comey (M)


  • J. Bulger (M) end of the line

This is Jim’s lawsuit.



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