Finding Encouragement in Life

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We had our first couples therapy session last night and I think it went really well. I’m really glad John and I are starting couples therapy together. I took Savannah for a walk earlier today, and I barely heard a single voice. I heard a brief shout once but that was about it. It was wonderful! One person asked me to put Savannah on her leash, and I also saw a green VW Van with the side door wide open that I’d seen once before at the trail-head entrance farther down the street. I’m not sure why someone would leave their van parked with the door wide open. It looked like they had left electronic equipment in it, but I didn’t investigate.

I returned from a visit with my parents in Colorado. I spent one week with my mom and dad to help take care of my mom during her surgery. Now she seems to be recovering well after suffering from nausea and dizziness caused by the pain medication. As soon as she switched to ibuprofen, she was ok. I enjoy spending time with my parents. I still wish that they hadn’t sold their house and moved away. It makes it harder to visit them! I do like Colorado though – in spite of it being two states away.

I’m continuing to make progress. I still focus on challenging my weaknesses – my shyness and my reclusiveness. I get angry at the voices occasionally, but I continue to work on this and keep my mind occupied. I find encouragement in my Buddhist teachings, on my friend’s Facebook posts, with Savannah, my friends & family members, and of course, my husband. I continue working on my memoir, although sometimes it is difficult. I think it’s really coming together and I’m planning on attending a writing conference in San Francisco in April. I look forward to completing a draft manuscript and sharing my experience with others.

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