FOURTEEN Year Anniversary of Craziness

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Another day, another week, another month, another YEAR gone by since the insane, meth-head, lunatic, Sam McKellar tracked me down to Oxnard, California with his “friend,” my former boss, Preston Scott. At least I think his name is Sam McKellar. I don’t know for sure because I’ve never actually met him. I have however, been the target of his (and his cohorts) relentless persecution. And I’ve never committed a single crime.

I believe this corruption involved reaches all the way to the top. With the exception of Obama. At any rate, seeing how this continues to drag on with no end in site, I’ve decided to take a trip to the Sunnyvale City Hall next week, in an attempt to see what exactly is going (since no one is inclined to tell me). I’m hoping I don’t get arrested!

That’s what happened the last trip I made to the Sunnyvale Police Department in (Feb 2014 or else 2013) to file a police report regarding all the insane lunatics stalking me everywhere I go. Instead of providing me any type of assistance with this issue, I was handcuffed, strapped into restraints and involuntarily hospitalized for one week at a mental health hospital in Fremont, California. Such injustice.

I have written a 300 page memoir that few people have read, numerous blog posts, including a complaint I filed with the international criminal court regarding Preston Scott. And yet, I’m still in doubt as to whether he has been successfully dealt with.

The charges are mind-numbing and the consequences would have been potentially catastrophic (more so than they already have been) if these people, “terrorists” actually had not been stopped when they were. Preston Scott has been involved with charges considered “international terrorism,” including most-likely theft, sale, and manufacturing of some type of nuclear weapon (nuclear-tipped missiles I think). I have no idea what they had in mind all these years.

The problem is, many of them are still on the streets. This is what I still don’t understand.

They are still outside our house (never too far away) shrieking, screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs – wreaking as much havoc as possible. These was even an incident this morning at Sunnyvale Middle School and the police had to be called to respond.

Whoever is working on this, whatever lawyers, judges, etc…who happened to be assigned with this task – this is not some ordinary job. You don’t get to wake up in the morning and work from 9-5 (or whatever typical 8 hour day you’re probably working), and go home at the end of the day and think that somehow this is all going to be ok. It’s not. You’re not an accountant doing someone’s taxes.

These are extraordinary circumstances and extraordinary times. The people involved are monsters, and the majority of the U.S. government is corrupt. If you do not have the courage to deal with this, you better get some or find someone else who does. If you’ve been paid off, you better hope you don’t find yourself indicted along with everyone else.

These indictments are not the end. They are only the beginning. The beginning of truth and of justice. I hope you will join us.

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