Getting Ready to Start My 3rd Million Daimoku Campaign

I’m really looking forward to the Women’s National Book Association Pitch-o-Rama next Saturday. I wrote a brief memoir pitch for a different writing conference last September, so I’d like to revise it as well as improve my synopsis. I’m making progress daily, but still struggle with occasional negativity and anger. I tend to justify my anger at other people and when I do this, it can spiral out of control until I remain angry for hours during the day. I need to focus more on stopping the train of angry thinking, and keep myself from finding reasons to justify why I believe I should be angry. Sometimes it’s tough to stay positive! I’m almost finished with my one million daimoku (chanting) campaign. I started my second million daimoku campaign a year and a half ago with a few specific goals in mind. Now, I’ve got four hours left to chant. Then it will be time for me to make a new set of goals and start my third million daimoku campaign. The first one I finished in late November of 2011.

For SGI Buddhists, million daimoku campaigns are perfect for big goals or challenges that we are facing. For me, I have been challenging the voices, my fear, and my social anxiety with my daimoku campaign. I have been challenging the power the voices have over me and they influence they have had in my life. I am happy to state that I have grown much stronger and much happier over the past two years or so since I started my first million daimoku campaign. I’ve finished the first draft of my memoir manuscript and I’m confident I will achieve success as a writer, my husband and I bought our first house together and we continue to work on improving our marriage, I continue to write for my blog and for CureTalk, I’ve reached out to more of my extended family. Best of all, I haven’t given up!

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