Gilroy, Irvine, Michigan, Wyoming and Beyond

As a continued update, I will briefly mention a few of the other communities directly affected by the S/PS/U.S. government nightmare. These are communities IN ADDITION to the majority of Santa Clara County (the San Jose area), San Mateo County, and San Francisco. As I don’t spend much time in the East Bay (Alameda County), that area has been less affected by the insidious evil of these people. 

My in-laws live in Gilroy, CA and starting in 2009 or 2010, these (what was initially a relatively small group of people: S, his son and a few others) people followed me to Gilroy whenever I went there with my husband to visit his family. In the fall of 2011, we decided to move and spent a few months living with my in-laws in Gilroy until we moved back to Sunnyvale five or six months later. It turns out that S had either bought or rented a house in Gilroy, moved there and stayed in Gilroy until we left. The others somehow managed to impose themselves on neighbors.

In any event, the result was a complete nightmare for many thousands of residents of the city of Gilroy. This was not the result of their presence, although their mere presence is certainly a nightmare in and of itself, giving the constant screaming and yelling, in addition to the criminal element (primarily drug dealing) they always attract. Their obvious intent was always to deceive others in an attempt to deflect blame and responsibility for their own behavior, and to make it seem as if I was somehow responsible for their misery. 

Their behavior and actions were (and still are) the same regardless of their location. They have consistently followed me EVERYWHERE I went since 2010-2011. This includes family in Southern California, Wyoming, Michigan, and Washington, DC. These are pathetic, demented people who don’t deserve the lives they have been given. And they should be treated as such. There is absolutely no excuse. 

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