Good Days & Bad Days

Yesterday at my group therapy session, we talked about the difference between good days, and bad days. What makes a good day a good day? What makes a bad day a bad day? We discussed this for a little bit, and I realized something about what the difference is between my good days and my bad days, as it relates to my symptoms of schizoaffective disorder. I’ve noticed that when I don’t hear voices in my head, that I am able to be much more present and connected, especially when I am with my husband John. I am able to relate to him more, and be more ‘in the moment’ when we are at home, or out and about, doing things together. I especially noticed it this weekend, when we were playing tennis, having KFC for lunch, and swimming. I enjoyed our time together so much more, and I felt so much closer to him, mainly because I wasn’t thinking about my illness, and worrying about what I’ve heard in the past, or what I might hear in the future. Those are good days for me: when I’m not hearing voices in my head. When I’m not focusing on what I’m hearing in my head, I can focus more on my husband, and on the other people I am with. My relationships feel stronger and closer, and I enjoy life more.

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