Grasping the True Significance

grasping the true significance

As crazy and insane as the past fourteen years have been, I’ve always believed that this insidious nightmare was not without meaning. There has to be a reason for this, and while I am not able to completely fill in all the details, I know in my heart with certainty that what’s happening has incredible significance. It’s more than the drugs and the prostitutes, the constant stalking and harassment, which is more of a psychological terrorism than anything physical. It’s more than a nameless, faceless, screaming, shrieking monster traipsing around after me all these years for no reason.

It has something to do with my former boss that I worked for fifteen or sixteen years ago for a two month period, and whatever he and his cohorts were up to. Eventually it all culminated in whatever is happening in the present. I hesitate to speculate, but I am fairly certain that the truth will ultimately be revealed.

SGI President explains: “We all have our own karma or destiny, but when we look it square in the face and grasp its true significance, then any hardship can serve to help us lead richer and more profound lives. Our actions in challenging our destiny become examples and inspirations for countless others. 

World Tribune July 15, 2016 p. 8

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