Guest Posting About Schizoaffective Disorder on the CureTalk Blog

I woke up to mindless babbling this morning. I heard quiet voices that sounded like they were coming from the ceiling above me. I couldn’t distinguish what they were saying, so I quickly put them out of my mind. I continue writing in my journal nightly so that I can track my progress on a day to day basis. I also make a few notes about any voices I’ve heard during the day. I went to a Buddhist chanting session last night and chanted for almost an hour. After we finished chanting, I mentioned that I’d been asked to guest post on the CureTalk blog by the woman who interviewed me, Priya Menon. I’m very happy that she asked me to write blog posts for CureTalk. I’ll be writing guest blogs for them twice a month on schizoaffective disorder.

Halfway down my blog on the right, I’ve added a search box that allows readers to search for clinical trials in their state based on what type of illness they are suffering from. This search engine is run by the CureTalk website, TrialX. I experimented with the search engine myself, and it is a great resource for those interested in finding out more information about clinical trials for themselves or a loved one. I entered “schizoaffective disorder” as the search criteria, and the search engine took me to the TrialX website. A new page opened up with a list of clinical trials related to schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia, along with additional details about the trial (age, gender, inclusion criteria, exclusion criteria, and whether or not the trial involves medication). Contact information is also provided for the doctors running the trials. Users can also add location criteria by entering their zip code and a search radius.

TrialX provides extensive information about clinical trials around the country. If you would like to learn more about participating in a clinical trial, please use the search box on my blog, or visit the TrialX website.

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