Halloween 2012

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My husband had the week off last week. We had a “staycation” and spent most of our time relaxing. We had a fun Halloween party on Saturday with John’s family and a few neighbors and friends. The kids definitely had the most fun! I didn’t do much writing last week, but I’m getting back into it again this week. I’m still adding more bits and pieces to my memoir, and trying to dig deeper to really paint a picture in the mind of the reader of what my experience was like. It can be very challenging at times. I’m looking forward to the day when I’ve written everything I can possibly think of, and start getting feedback from family and friends. It shouldn’t be too far away!

The voices are still here occasionally, but they have no effect on me anymore. There is no more fear, and I am no longer afraid that they might actually make an appearance someday. They will remain forever in hiding, like the cowards they truly are. I am focusing on moving forward, and staying positive. I always try to have appreciation for the things my husband and I have in our lives. John and I are very fortunate in so many ways. We love each other and will stay together forever.


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