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I’m very happy to write that I’m doing great! Not perfect of course, but then who is? My mom and dad came for a visit last week, and we didn’t go anywhere! Actually, we went to Monterey one day when John took a day off work, but other than that we stayed at home! This wasn’t a bad thing. I didn’t want my parents to feel stressed out while they were here, so I tried not to put any pressure on them to drive or walk too much. My dad taught me so much about household repairs that I never thought I would learn! We even bought new tools that will certainly come in handy whenever we need to paint, garden, hang pictures, or anything else that we can think of. We had John’s family over for Easter dinner, and my dad and I froze homemade ice cream. Yummy! I made chocolate sauce too, but it didn’t turn out as delicious as it usually does.

I doing so much better managing my illness and the voices. I continue to work on my memoir, and I am constantly reminded of how fortunate I really am. I am no longer afraid to chant or practice Buddhism. I am increasing the amount of time that I chant each day. I am working on overcoming my fear of talking and shyness with other people. I constantly think about how I can share this Buddhism with other people in order to lead them to happiness. I am building my writing business as well, and I look forward to earning a steady income writing. My husband and I are so much happier now than we have been in quite awhile! In a few more months, I’ll be starting private therapy again, so that I continue making steady progress with my mental health and in my life. I’m happy!

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So glad to hear that all is right in your world and you are happy! May you find happiness and the root of happiness and share it with others. And keep writing!

Kate : )


Thank you Kate! I wish you all the happiness too.

Jen 🙂