Happy New Year! The Power of the Spirit

The New Year is finally here! Happy 2012! I’m getting back into my routine after the holidays and visits with family and friends. We were happy to celebrate Christmas with almost everyone on John’s side of the family. His brother’s family drove up from L.A. He hasn’t been here in 4 years! I called my mom and dad, and both my brothers on Christmas and New Year’s, so we had a little phone celebration. We used FaceTime on Christmas, so we could all see each other too!

I chanted an hour this morning, and am going to set new, more specific goals for 2012. I have health goals, financial goals, and relationship goals, although I haven’t written them down yet. I want my mental health to continue to improve. As long as I continue to ignore any voices I hear, and not let them affect or influence me, I will be fine. I’m also planning to ask my psychiatrist about reducing my medication next month when I have my appointment. I still tend to worry quite a bit, and occasionally shut down when I get angry, but I am continuing to work on this. I talked to my therapist about this yesterday, and I told her that instead of getting mad and shutting down, I talked to John about what I was thinking, and why I was upset. I didn’t want the same thing that happened in Estes Park, to happen again. This time, we didn’t get into an argument, although I still need to work on my communication skills quite a bit.

I found another Buddhist quote that I liked last night while I was writing in my journal. It reads: Human revolution is the process of changing our way of life by manifesting our Buddha nature – all people have this highest state of life within them. One’s human revolution concerns the total reality of life. It is fundamentally an invisible reformation taking place within and behind our consciousness. In other words, it concerns our ways of thinking, our judgment and both our physical and spiritual strength. In discussing The New Human Revolution, SGI President Ikeda said: “Mahatma Gandhi proclaimed that the ‘power of the spirit’ is stronger than any atomic bomb. To transform this century of war into a century of peace, we must cultivate the limitless inherent power of human life. This is the ‘human revolution,’ and it will be the theme that flows consistently throughout the novel”.

I read a Reuters news article posted online a few hours ago stating that a November U.N. report shows that Iran has sought to build an atomic bomb. In an effort to stop Iran from building an atomic bomb, the article states that the European Union agreed to an embargo on Iranian crude oil, and that new U.S. financial sanctions, if imposed fully, would make it all but impossible for many refineries around the world to pay for Iranian crude oil. It’s reassuring to know that the U.S. and other countries are working hard to prevent Iran from building an atomic bomb. Gandhi’s statement that the power of the spirit is stronger than any atomic bomb might seem foolish or blindly optimistic, but I believe that the human spirit, and each of our lives has limitless power. Our lives do have more power than an atomic bomb. All we need to do is tap into and use the spiritual power of our lives to create peace, rather than war.


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