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I keep thinking things are winding down in the house next door, but so far no one has left Spc 64. I still hear the incessant, nonstop, mindless babbling from various people who refuse to stop threatening me, targeting me, and harassing me. There is no deadline that I am aware of. I cannot say for sure when these people will leave the house next door and I will be more or less free to pursue my own job/dream/career again.

My last blog post I started a summary of what has happened in Spc 64 since August of 2016. I reached December and was about to start January 2017 when it became much more difficult. At the moment, there are a few people being dealt with. These include:

Chris/Travis – “Ran” the Bayer lab in Berkeley since the 60s. Jeff Myers ran his “legalized speed program” out of this lab and Warren Myers worked their for a period of time in the early 90s.

James Songster – a cousin on Shirley E. Myers side who persists in harassment/sexual harassment

Alma Zaldivar(Angeles)  – refuses to stop talking (i.e. babbling incessantly using her headset)

white, males ??? – there are a few white males who persist in the same relentless, verbal harassment and “stalking.”

Obviously, the problem is the same. Whoever is in Spc 64 should not be using a headset or else should have the volume turned down to a level below where I cannot hear their voice over here from where I am in Spc 65.


Here’s what happened at 1am this morning: I woke up. I heard Jim say, “Listen.” [White male] presumably turns volume up as loud as possible on his headset, “I said I wasn’t gonna come.” Initiates an hour-long argument based on his behavior, with the end result of disturbing every single other person in the house. After that incident, Alma Zaldivar decided to start talking incessantly, at more or less the same volume (i.e. turned up as loud as possible). I lay awake in bed listening as people took turns shouting out, in order to disturb me as much as possible.

I repeated the same thing I’ve been saying (and screaming, yelling, swearing, cursing and writing on this blog) since 2011. Which is basically that having to listen to their stupid, shitty, voices nonstop every waking moment of my life drives me crazy. Their problem is they don’t care.

I told them I know who they are. I told them I know their names. I told them they would never get away with what they are doing. I told them I will make them pay for what they did to me for the past 15 years. I told them they will never forget that this happened for whatever time remains of their pathetic, miserable existence.

For some reason, Alma seems to think she is editing this blog post. ??? So, as I sit here writing, she is repeating (almost) exactly the same words that I am typing. As soon as I finished writing the previous paragraph. She handed off (or seemed to have handed off) a piece of paper with the paragraph I had just written on it to someone else for review.

She seems (and I write “seems” because I cannot actually visually see over there) to be partially in conversation with the other people in the house with her, and partially repeating everything I am writing. She wanted to make sure I included “Ms. Skeleton” bitch as the person who types up (or used to type up) everything I “thought” on her/their Twitter feed. Then she felt very proud of herself for making sure “Ms. Skeleton Bitch” was included.

Anything else?

I looked for a selfie of Alma back when I knew her but didn’t find anything. She seems extremely persistent in her incessant talking although I’m not sure exactly why. The problem is if she stops, then almost immediately, a (presumably white) male immediately starts.

Ultimately, what the Spc 64 Cult did was turn murder, and other various types of “terrorist” acts into a joke or a game. At some point in time, they started making lists of what they considered “terrorist acts,” and used these specific activities or else persuaded other people to use these activities to terrorize me. These “terrorist acts” include the use of the headsets at a volume where I can here their voices, terrorist acts they defined themselves, as well as what would be considered more “typical” terrorist acts such as the use of bombs, knives, guns, choking. Other terrorist acts include stalking both on foot and by car, as well as threats and intimidation.

I gave up and decided to roll a joint and smoke marijuana at 3AM.

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