How Much Longer?

What’s happening with the “residents” at Spc 64? Since August 2016, the house next door (Spc 64) has been used for different reasons:

August – The first narcotics shipment (drug bust) sat inside Spc 64 for weeks. The heroin was laced with tetracycline.

September – Jeff Myers had his first seizure in a wheelchair (sitting in front of a police car) out on Tasman arguing over Biden’s VP Executive Order. Warren & Sue Myers argued out on the sidewalk on Tasman for a few months. Ms. Creampie showed up.

October – the debates were when Donald Trump showed up in Spc 64. He stayed for a week maybe until Donald Rumsfeld came looking for him. He performed online with Ms. Creampie when the front room had a bed in it. I think they raised a lot of money.

November – My entire “family” plotted my kidnapping attempt and then sent me an email “wishing I had joined them for Thanksgiving dinner”, even though they were right across the street!

December  – A second narcotics shipment comes in and the Zaldivar’s come by Spc 64 to pick up their narcotics. Meanwhile, Savannah sniffs everything wherever we go.


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