How Our Lives Have Changed

I haven’t heard much from the voices these past few days in Colorado. A little yelling, and a little whispering here and there but that’s about it. I really enjoy spending time with my mom and dad and I only wish that John had been able to join me. I know that he’s really supporting his parents at this time since his brother passed away a few weeks ago. I’ve been relaxing, reading, writing, and baking.

I helped my dad put together a photo book for his two sisters. When my grandmother passed away a few years ago, he kept her photo albums and she had a lot of old pictures from when she was young, and from when my dad was young. It’s really fascinating to go through her photo albums and look at the pictures. Especially when you can see how my dad and his family lived back then. There are pictures of different places in Wyoming where my grandmother and my dad grew up, the animals they kept and took care of, old cars and bicycles, the type of clothing they wore, and what the land looked like. Of course Wyoming hasn’t changed much since the early 1900’s, it’s still mostly a lot of wide open spaces, but there is a bit difference in how people lived their lives.

So much has changed in this country over such a short period of time – even over the course of my dad’s life – going from pumping water from a well outside the house, to indoor plumbing makes a huge difference in his life. There are so many changes, especially advances in technology and medicine that many of us take for granted. We live in such a high tech age now, that the younger generation has no idea what life was like before cell phones, video games, and the internet. What if we wanted to make a phone call from the grocery store or let our partner know we were running late? We just had to wait until we got home. What a concept.

Many times I think back to my Peace Corps experience, and the most valuable part of my experience is what I learned about how other people live, especially compared to how we live in the U.S. We take so much for granted that so many people in this world don’t have. Things like electricity, heat, running water, telephones (not even cell phones), television, and the list goes on. I always try to remind myself of how fortunate I really am in this life.

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