I Was Raised By Wolves In Alaska

For various reasons I have chosen my website to publicly denounce both my parents and my two siblings due to their behavior as human beings. I also publicly disowned all four of my immediate family members in August 2016 due to their neglect, lies, dishonorable and horrific behavior. However, my parents are not interested in my opinion or my own beliefs. I emailed this letter to all four of them yesterday. To my knowledge, my parents do not intend to comply with my request to stay out of my life. As a result, I have chosen this medium in order to expose more fully their deplorable behavior.


Hello Mr. & Mrs. Myers,

I am writing you this letter to inform both of you of my thoughts and perspective on the current situation. As I’m sure you’re both know by now, I am well aware of your presence next door in Spc 64. I am also aware that both of you have been in the Adobe Wells complex since last August, due to Warren and Jeff’s criminal activities and the ongoing investigation of the U.S. government as well as the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court.

Currently, I am aware that the two of you (as well as Jeff) have been repeatedly asked to leave Spc 64 and Adobe Wells, perhaps this has been going on for a few weeks now. As far as I can tell, you Shirley have provided no logical, reality-based reason for your continued presence in my life and here in Adobe Wells. You have made the same unreasonable requests of the U.S. govn’t staff at Spc 64. In other words, you have been give the opportunity several times to visit me here at Spc 65 provided you are accompanied by FBI Director James Comey. You have refused this offer every single time, and instead have insisted that you will not leave until you see me resettled in a new home.

However, this is my life and I refuse to allow you to interfere in the decisions I myself have made. You do not own me. I have also heard you repeatedly state on numerous occasions, “Please give my daughter back to me.” For clarity, I am not your property. You do not own me. You do not get to make my decisions for me, nor do you get to make any of these types of demands. You do not have this right. Basically, as far as I can tell, you, Shirley seem to suffering from some sort of delusion in that you believe me to be mentally ill and incapable of taking care of myself. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I also know for a fact that your only intention is to commit me to a mental institution for the duration of my life. For this reason, I do not wish to speak with you or Bert without the presence of James Comey or some other federal law enforcement official responsible for this investigation. This is non-negotiable.

As far as I can tell, both Shirley and Bert have made every attempt possible to obstruct the finalizing of this investigation that has international significance. I assume the majority of the details of the triple threat we all faced as humans on this planet was explained to you (nuclear, bio, and chemical warfare). I am unable to understand why you believe this has absolutely no significance to you in this matter, since this is what I have spent the last 17 years or so of my life fighting.

I do not believe you actually love me. I believe that your statements and claims are masking deeper, subconscious emotions that you do not admit, such as anger, hatred and spite directed towards me. For this reason, and for the several betrayals that have occurred over the past years, I do not acknowledge you as my parents any longer. Nor do I acknowledge Jeff or Warren as my siblings.

I am aware of the deal you made with SM, in the sense that you offered my life up instead of your own. I am also aware of the fact that you see me as some sort of a slut/whore/prostitute, and have chosen to totally ignore and/or denigrate every single accomplishment in my life.

Whether you are able to acknowledge this reality or not, I will not be seeing or speaking to you in any way without the presence of the govn’t official. This is not optional. I hope you find it within yourselves to leave me alone and let me live my own life in peace. Thank you, Jennifer L Myers

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