I’m Happy I’m Not A Junkie

A few years ago I became very thankful that I never developed a substance abuse problem. Most, if not all of the people involved in this nightmarish set of circumstances over the years have severe substance abuse problems. After decades of substance abuse, their behavior and thinking is bizarre, disconnected and distorted beyond belief.

I made the conscious decision to avoid substance abuse and addiction. All of their substance abuse problems arise from cocaine, speed, meth, heroin, and prescription pain medications. All of these I have managed to avoid over the years which one exception I experimented with briefly and discarded almost immediately – cocaine. Addiction implies a loss of control and I never wanted to take the risk associated with addiction and illicit narcotics. I stuck with marijuana and LSD with the Grateful Dead and that was about it.

I never wanted to smoke marijuana these past fifteen years because it exacerbated the paranoia and I figured I need all my mental faculties intact. So I really did not start smoking weed until last August when my ex left and everyone else arrived at the house next door. Needless to say, after ten months of listening to absolute madness from the people next door, I am even more appreciative of the fact that I do not have a substance abuse problem.

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