Improving My Communication & Social Skills

I had a very good weekend! John & I were very productive! We washed both of our cars, took the dogs for a walk, went furniture shopping, and even jogged 3 miles around the park! I admit that occasionally during the week when John is working I have less motivation. Sometimes I get lazy and sleep too much. That doesn’t happen very often though, so I can’t be that lazy. I’m doing much better at keeping myself from reflecting back on the past. I have noticed that even now that I don’t try to make sense of what the voices have said in the past, I still have a tendency to reflect back on conversations I have had with people throughout the course of the day. At the end of the day, I continue thinking about conversations I’ve had with people I’ve met while walking the dog, or people I’ve talked to in stores while shopping, or things I’ve said to my own friends and family. The longer I dwell on a conversation trying to figure out what the real meaning is, the more suspicious I become of the person I was talking to. I’m controlling my suspiciousness of other people, but over the past couple of days when I’ve reflected back on my conversations, I think that I really need to improve my communication and social skills. Improving my communication and social skills will help me move forward in all areas of my life.

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