Interactive Meditative Journalling with Life Constellation

I found a great website a few days ago called Life Constellation. I received a Tweet from the San Francisco Writer’s Conference about this website so I decided to check it out. I tried it for the first time yesterday, and I loved it. Life Constellation is a website designed by Jill Nephew, a scientist from Berkeley, California. Jill created the website as a form of “meditative interactive journalling” that is great for using as a daily journal or for people who are interested in memoir writing. I decided to try it to help flesh out some aspects of my own memoir as well as delve more deeply into issues surrounding my past.

I started with the topic “Realization or Awareness” and I chose what I’ve realized most recently: I have a very real fear of talking to other people. I am also slightly afraid of the sound of my own voice. Sometimes I hesitate to respond when talking to a friend or I stumble over choosing the right words to say out loud. I’m not able to converse fluently, often only haltingly at best. I take too long and think too much about what to say before I say it. My advice to myself has been to think less, talk more.

I wrote a brief paragraph and switched topics. Next I chose “Challenges” and decided to write about the difficulty I’ve had over the past 10-15 years finding and sticking with a permanent job. I explored this as it related to my fear of talking to other people. My inability to find a permanent job that was related to my career goals in my 20s & 30s was due in part to my lack of social skills and communication skills, as well as my shyness. I believe that if I was better able to communicate and socialize with other people, I might have found a job earlier in life and had a more successful career.

I had a great experience with Life Constellation yesterday, and I highly recommend this interactive website to anyone who is interested in writing or journalling. It is definitely a very unique experience.

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