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I keep wondering when this is going to end. I still can’t figure out why the person (people) stalking me has not been arrested. I would think that by now, there would be some way of figuring this out. After all, this man (Sam?) has been stalking, harassing and threatening me for the past thirteen years. Yet, he is still out there? Nothing can be done about him? Nothing? Why is this?  Does this make sense to anyone? Does it seem reasonable? No! Absolutely not. He is still accompanied by two or three others. 

On Monday, I had a dentist appointment. One of the women associated with him made an appointment at approximately the same time as my appointment. She was seated in a dentist chair not far from mine, and although I didn’t hear much of what she said, she appeared to be lying about her reasons for being there at the exact same time I was. 

On Wednesday, I took my dog Savannah to her vet, Pet’s Friend Animal Clinic in Sunnyvale for a nail trim. As I walked into the vet’s office, I heard sirens. The people who follow me everywhere are prone to making fake 911 calls (often claiming that I am actually the person making the call). Savannah and I walked into the vet and told the receptionist we were in for a nail trim. One of the women who stalks me was already there. She looked to be Asian or South Asian and was talking to one of the tech assistants, claiming that she was some sort of “inspector,” or perhaps that’s what she wanted me to hear. 

Woman: “Well, you let me see everything and you signed the form…”

inaudible conversation

Tech: “Yes, well we’re an independent clinic. If someone wakes up in the morning and sees that their pet has a problem, they can come right in…”

more inaudible conversation

I waited for Savannah, and when her technician brought her back out to me, the Asian woman looked at Savannah as if confirming something. Then she left. 

Assistant to the Tech: “Was that Animal Control?”

Nope, it wasn’t animal control. Here’s what happened later in the afternoon when I went to the Kohl’s at El Camino Real and Lawrence Expressway: I walked into the store and walked into the fitness department. I stopped to look at their workout shirts and sweatshirts. I heard a store employee by the cashiers tell someone, “No. Once you’ve gone in through there, you can’t leave.” Hmmmm. I think what happened was one of the other women (also Asian or South Asian) had followed me into Kohl’s. Then she ran into one of the dressing rooms and hid. See, the problem is there is a restraining order on every single one of these people (both the men and the women) prohibiting them from following me into stores (and people’s houses) and requiring them to maintain a certain distance. The issue is they consistently violate the restraining order on a daily basis. 

victory, justice

I visited my parents in Colorado over Halloween, and all of these people flew to Colorado, although they had absolutely no reason to go there. They only reason they flew to Colorado was because I was visiting my parents. The majority of them were on my flight! Surprise, surprise. They all left when I left. Certainly this is extremely perplexing! So the fact that this nightmare continues to drag on astonishes me. I can’t believe there is nothing that can be done to prevent sh#$@&d (as I call him) and his minions from carrying out this type of behavior on a daily basis. He should have been taken off the streets years ago. Even President Obama could issue an Executive Order, given the circumstances. This is my firm belief. 

So, while I don’t know what the holdup is, I will continue to “speak out” about this on my blog as long as it continues. I am hoping for the best possible outcome, and of course, for the justice we all deserve. 

Blue lotus flower courtesy of crescentmoon on tumblr.

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