Just One Good Friend

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I read such an incredibly beautiful quote today by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. It is truly a revealing and amazing quote about friendship.

If a person has just one good friend, their happiness is doubled and their life immeasurably enriched. This is genuine wealth.

Daisaku Ikeda

When I sat down to write a blog post this afternoon, I couldn’t manage to write one word. I didn’t have any ideas for something specific to write about, and I didn’t even want to open my website on my laptop to review what I wrote last week. Sometimes I get ideas this way. If I reread what I wrote the week before I can think about what has happened over the past week or even just reflect on the past few days. Today I didn’t want to write at all. It’s unusual for me to not have anything to write about. I feel like I always have something to say, but today was different. Maybe the frustration and disappointment got to me. I keep hoping the voices will go away forever, but so far they haven’t. I’ve even set a goal for myself for November 18th. I’m chanting for ABSOLUTE VICTORY with the voices. November 18th is the day the Soka Gakkai (Value Creating Society) was founded in Japan 83 years ago. This year, a new central headquarters will open in Tokyo and to celebrate the Soka Gakkai’s 83rd anniversary, I’m determined to make a fresh start in life and to be victorious in my own life based on my faith and sincere prayer. I’m expecting the best!

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Later in the day when I thought about writing a post, I remembered the above quote. It was so encouraging I was inspired to write this evening. “If a person has just one good friend, their happiness is doubled and their life immeasurably enriched.” How wonderful! Just one good friend – how many of us have a good friend, or many good friends? Do we treasure our friendships? Do we value them? Do we realize the importance of a good friend? Perhaps not enough. If we have one good friend, do we consider ourselves wealthy? Probably not. Friends enrich our lives in many ways. I think back to high school and I was never the person with a million friends. I had a few good friends I spent the majority of my time with, and one very good friend who I’ll always treasure.

Maybe we don’t place enough value on healthy, trusting, and loving friendships. I prefer to develop close and long-lasting friendships with a few people, rather than spend time building a large circle of shallow acquaintances. As the quote says, “if a person has just one good friend…”



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