Lawsuit Filing Against Kathy Griffin / Anderson Cooper CNN 360

Kathy Griffin / Anderson Cooper

purportedly for CNN and Anderson 360


filed on behalf of Jennifer L Myers

– Jim Comey

August 11, 2017

3-4 days of constant “monitoring”/stalking, etc…

  1. Video Equipment – heavy duty

    extremely heavy painful pressure on the brain, perhaps leading to severe migraines if I don’t keep my head held straight up even with my spine,

    when I lift my head up,

    the [gun] comes back around behind my left shoulder blade is in Anderson Cooper’s left hand,

    he refuses to drop it,

    the video camera equipment comes back around to Kathy Griffin to pull my head up straight again

  2. Anil Raman – used some sort of remote brain scan imaging technology that increased the pressure on my brain to such an extent that should have caused my death, but did not.

    Tells me I am:

    a) “supposed to be showing my face to the camera”

    b) “making many enemies by not cooperating”

    c) ? kept increasing the pressure until I turned the direction he had asked me to turn.

3) Unsure of the everyone else’s status in Spc 64.

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