Martha’s Vineyard?

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Yesterday, a few neighbors appeared to be having some sort of a garden party in the backyard of the house next door. Curtis lives there with either an Asian male or female. Things got noisy yesterday afternoon when people started taking pictures and drinking. I was reminded of all the parties I never attended at Martha’s Vineyard. I knew there was PCP involved because of all the static electricity. No electrical storms, however. The only thing missing was a carousel ride.

After a last-ditch plea for help over Twitter and Facebook, I figured Bin Laden had finally caved for being a moron. Osabama came next since he refused to extradite himself back to Nairobi. The Department of Justice gave way to an Attorney General’s office in England and Wales, and everyone realized no one else was in charge.

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Next Day (today) – Helicopter

A few more bite the dust. Next door neighbors start their mid-afternoon soiree – among them include: Jeff Myers (The Misogynist), Aida Zaldivar (?), a non-existent employee from the Department of Justice. Any one free for drinks this evening?

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