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Never Give Up: Buddhism, Family and Schizophrenia is now The Telepathic Buddhist and is currently available for purchase online from Amazon. I am in the process of making it available in bookstores throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

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The Kindle version is available from Amazon here.

Retailers and wholesalers may order my memoir (ISBN 978-0692222874) directly from Ingram/IngramSpark’s distribution partners.

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December 9, 2015

A great human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.

–  SGI President Ikeda

In August 2011, I created this blog to chronicle my daily experiences dealing with the symptoms of a mental illness I was diagnosed with in 2002: schizophrenia. This diagnosis was based on the symptoms I described to psychiatrists: hearing disembodied voices (auditory hallucinations), paranoia, believing that I was being persecuted by the mafia, and followed around from one place to another by other people. In reality, I never believed that the “voices” I heard were merely symptoms of schizophrenia. Instead, I believed (and still believe) that a form of communication which has never been scientifically proven – telepathy – was what allowed me to hear the “voices” of my enemies in my head, and which also allowed my enemies to “hear” my thoughts.

These unusual and utterly bizarre set of circumstances, combined with the demented insanity of everyone involved created a horrific set of circumstances for myself, my husband and our families. Ultimately, the situation devolved into chaos for the people and the surrounding communities who were forced to become involved. I challenge my circumstances, and find hope, courage and strength in my Buddhist practice. I turn to my husband and family for love and support. My writing and my photography are my creative outlets and emotional therapy. I never give up in my fight. My memoir is a source of hope, inspiration, and encouragement for women everywhere. I live with my husband and a small, black terrier in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please feel free to contact me at

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Favorite Quotes

There is definitely something extraordinary in the ebb and flow of the tide, the rising and setting of the moon, and the way in which summer, autumn, winter and spring give way to each other. Something uncommon also occurs when an ordinary person attains Buddhahood. At such a time, the three obstacles and four devils will invariably appear, and the wise will rejoice while the foolish will retreat.

— Nichiren Daishonin