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Last night I heard a voice say You’re ugly on the inside and the outside! I tried not to let it get to me. My voices have a tendency to be extremely critical of me, so I know that I can’t spend time thinking about what they say. This morning, I heard another voice say We want you to promise not to write your book, or your husband gets it. You’re not going to string us along. I felt compelled to say, “Ok! I promise not to write my book!”, although I didn’t. Instead, I filled out another Thought Record that my therapist gave me at our appointment last week. She told me not to pay attention to what the voices say, but to write down what my thoughts are in response to what I hear, and what my emotions are. Sometimes the things that I hear get me down on myself, but I try not to let it affect me. I chanted for 15 minutes this morning. I chanted for our long, happy marriage and our good health.

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Old SGI Okie

Just a thought from an Okie pioneer member –
Here is a good article to read
we are using the same Sept 16th WT article at our meeting this Saturday- so I will be thinking of you!


Thank you SGI Okie! I appreciate your support.