My 2014 Lawsuit

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Here’s what happened this morning. Yesterday I figured I still have at least one more topic to write about in terms of exposing the effect my family’s behavior has had on my own life. The financial aspect. Rather than sitting around moping, feeling as if I am being starved out of house and home. I am going to include this aspect of their behavior (or the effect it has had on my life over the past 15 years). I found the lawsuit I had typed up a couple of years ago when I held the CIA responsible for the entire situation. I emailed all 10 or 11 documents to both parents and both siblings for their review and then told them I had changed the defendant from the CIA to the Myers’ Family. When I had originally emailed the lawsuit files to them in 2014, not one of the four of them wrote back to me or responded to me in any way. I labeled this morning’s email “For your review.” I am going to assume they don’t care.

Next, I briefly added two major effects this entire nightmarish situation has had on my own life since 2000. The psychiatric/psychological/emotional and the financial. Needless to say I was brief. I’m tired of typing and I don’t really want to spend too much time or detail in an email or blog post. In summary, this is the rest of what I told the Myers’ Family in this morning’s email:

Here is what will or should be included in terms of the effects your actions and behavior had on my own life over the past 15-20 years:

1) psychiatric issues – being treated for an illness I didn’t have:


– medications (antipsychotics), dr appointments, 5 hospitalizations, therapy for an illness I didn’t have


– $$$ spent on the above, psychological torment from constant persecution, harassment, stalking, and verbal abuse over the years


– J Myers withheld potentially lifesaving information (evidence of serious injury) regarding my MRI from Mass General Hospital in 2000 and the scar on my brain.


2) loss of earned income or earning potential due to the surrounding issues

– my memoir (s) & publicity

– movie contract


What concerns me at this point (aside from the ongoing psychological harassment) is that fact that you continue to argue about what I may or may not write about in my memoirs, in addition to the constant arguing and fighting over a movie contract I have yet to sign based on my memoir that I self-published in 2014. 


None of the four of you have the right to determine what I may or may not write about or publish. Nor do any of the four of you have the write to determine the specific details of any movie contract I might sign now, or at any time in the future. You are hereby stripped of these rights.


None of the four of you have the right to determine or interfere in my personal life (i.e. argue about or determine who I may or may not marry). In other words, I publicly DISOWNED you as a family in the traditional sense. DO NOT refer to me as “daughter” or “sister.” 


If you have objections to any action I take now or in the future, you MUST use the legal means to do so. 


Please stay out of my life and leave me alone. As long as you continue to remain in my life, causing me problems, I will continue to publicly expose your hypocrisy and lies using Twitter, Facebook and my own website.

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