My 4th Hospitalization and the Sunnyvale Police Department

Wednesday, February 19th my husband picked me up from Fremont Hospital. I spent one week in the mental health/psychiatric ward at Fremont Hospital after an incredibly traumatic experience with the Sunnyvale Police Department, followed by a subsequent overnight stay/hospitalization at Santa Clara County’s Valley Medical Emergency Psychiatric Services center. As soon as I arrived at Fremont Hospital, I started to write down my unbelievable experience that began one week prior, on Wednesday, February 12th in Sunnyvale, California.

On that Wednesday afternoon I left my house with my dog Savannah sitting next to me in the passenger seat of my Toyota. I had been growing increasingly frustrated with whoever was in charge of the Mafia investigation, in addition to the complete lack of resolution of the problem. Two days earlier, on Monday, I decided to take action myself. I wasn’t convinced anything or anyone else would be able to resolve the situation [of the Mafia following me around and the screaming and yelling].

In fact, I was never convinced that keeping this issue with the Mafia under the pretense of a schizophrenia diagnosis was the best way to handle it. I now believe that it was the worst possible way to deal with an extremely difficult and challenging situation. If I was involved with this investigation/trial/lawsuit (whatever), there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the whole issue (which started 12 years ago) would have been resolved much more efficiently and much more quickly, saving years of time, and who knows how many millions of dollars.

I never understood why I wasn’t included in this Mafia business, especially when the entire disastrous mess revolves around me. There just wasn’t anything I could do to include myself, other than write about the problem from my own perspective.


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