My Book Project

My husband and I were discussing moving out of our apartment complex last night. We are looking at our options and considering what types of housing are available in Sunnyvale in our price range. Houses are pretty much out of the question, but we have been considering condos (preferably a 2 bedroom), and mobile homes in this area. It’s a tough decision, but we don’t want to wait much longer to buy something, and we don’t want to spend the rest of our lives in an apartment. So we may be moving soon!

I told my husband last night about what I heard a voice say. They were telling me I had to choose between practicing Buddhism, writing in my blog, or writing my book. If I didn’t choose one, then my husband would be killed. My husband thinks it’s crazy, and a bunch of nonsense. I wrote this threat down on the notes app in my phone. I have a few pages of notes recorded on my phone from the past couple of days. I started writing down what the voices have been saying, and typing the notes into my phone to keep track. Then I’ll look at my notes before I write in my blog.

This morning while I was doing laundry, they started talking about my book. They said that the reason I am writing my book is to get back at them, and because of this, my book will never be published. They also said that I think that writing and publishing my book will get them to leave me alone, and that they are going to do everything possible to keep it from getting published. I am going to do everything possible to get my book published. I believe that my story should be told.

My husband said to be prepared for rejection. I submitted my book proposal to 8 prospective agents, and so far I’ve heard back from 2 of them. Both said they weren’t interested. I decided to wait a month or so, then revise my proposal and send it out to a few more agents. I think it’s a worthwhile project.

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