My CureTalk Interview On Schizoaffective Disorder

John and I had a nice weekend. We went to visit his parents at their house in Gilroy, and did a few good cardio workouts at the gym. I am continuing to improve with each passing day. My CureTalk interview has been published. I’ve included the first couple of paragraphs of the interview below with a link to the website where you can read the entire interview. I am very grateful to CureTalk and my interviewer, Priya Menon who published the interview. Thank you Priya!

Jennifer Myers is a blogger/writer who majored in Environmental Studies with Policy & Planning as a special interest. She is particularly interested in international environmental policy. Jennifer was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 2002 and since then has been trying to manage her condition and I should say she is doing a very good job with it. She is a Buddhist and with the help of her Buddhist chants, support from her loving husband, and family, Jennifer is now in control of her condition and courageously ignores the voices that haunt her. She is a writer and writes local news articles, is working on a children’s story and planning a personal memoir.

CureTalk had the opportunity to connect with Jennifer, and interview her. An amazing woman, Jennifer is the very epitome of courage and perseverance in most difficult of all times, her mental health condition. She attributes her normal life to her Buddhist beliefs and the immense support from her husband. Hope you enjoy the interview.

To read the full interview, please click here: CureTalk Interview With Jennifer Myers: Schizoaffective Disorder Survivor, Writer, and Avid Blogger.

Thank you everyone for reading! I hope you enjoy the interview!


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Hi Jennifer,

Thank you. It was a pleasure to connect with you and share your story.


Yeah, at least your story seems to have a happy outcome… unlike many others I can think of!


Unfortunately, you’re right. All too often people struggling with mental illness don’t get the help they need. I hope that we can all change this. Jen