My Hope Is For Justice

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I’ve found that it’s very difficult to resolve a problem without clear and direct communication. It’s also very difficult to solve a problem by completely ignoring it. This nightmarish set of circumstances surrounding the insane group of criminals who persist in harassing me has created a vast array of problems for every single person who has been affected. In my memoir, I describe these people as a cancer or a toxic, highly contagious disease. Due to my schizophrenia diagnosis and the criminals themselves, I was unable to warn anyone of their true nature and intent.

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I hate to write on such a negative note, but what these people (and I hesitate to call them people) have created is a true disaster, and it is unforgivable. It is a disaster created by the U.S. government, and it is a disaster for the U.S. government. It is a disaster for the FBI and the CIA. It has been a complete nightmare for every city, state and country that has been forced to deal with this seemingly never-ending insanity. It has been a nightmare for my family, for my in-laws, and for both my husband and myself.

My hope, my determination is that every single person who was involved in the perpetration of this wretched and miserable series of events is brought to justice immediately. The twelve years this has taken out of my life is long enough, and there is no excuse. I hope that changes will made in the U.S. government – both the FBI and the CIA – so that this level of corruption and criminal activity never happens again. It truly is a sorry state of affairs.

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