My Introductory Volunteer Session

September 14, 2011 by Tagged with:    
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I went for my first volunteer session this morning. I haven’t actually started yet, but I had to go for a mini training session, where I was shown around the classroom, and introduced to their reading lessons. I am volunteering for a non-profit reading organization, so I will be working with individual students who need help with their reading. It seems like a worthwhile endeavor, and I am looking forward to starting in a week or two. I’ve never volunteered before, except as a Peace Corps volunteer, so it’s a little bit different for me. When I first walked in the room this morning, I automatically thought about how I was going to keep track of my time, so I could be sure and get paid accurately. Then I remembered that I was volunteering! Prior to my third hospitalization in May of this year, I had been tutoring for a learning center, so I am accustomed to teaching reading, and working with children. My training session this morning brought back some familiar memories from teaching reading to young children, so I think that this will definitely be a positive experience!

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