My Memoir Manuscript Draft is Finished!

I finally finished editing my memoir manuscript yesterday. I now have a more or less complete first draft, but I know there’s still a lot of work to do. I sent out a few chapters to my immediate family members for feedback and I’m hoping that I’ll eventually be able to get feedback on the entire manuscript! A lot of work! In the meantime I’ve decided to focus on developing more depth to my memoir using my Life Constellation profile. Life Constellation is an interactive journalling website that will allow me to explore different areas of my life more in-depth than I have in my draft manuscript. Later I can incorporate what I’ve written on my profile into my memoir. I also have a DVD series on Creative Nonfiction that I’m going to finish watching. My mom gave me this series a few months ago to help me with my memoir, and it’s excellent for beginning writers. I’m also going to submit my manuscript to a few more agents and work on my pitch for an upcoming writer’s conference in San Francisco.

Natural Bridges
Natural Bridges

I took Savannah for a walk earlier today and it was warm! There is usually a breeze along the bay on most days, but today was hot and sunny! Even Savannah was hot. She kept laying down in the shade and eating grass, so I knew she was pretty warm. We came back, drank water, and relaxed in the cool indoors. I happy that I’m making progress with my memoir. Writing is much more difficult than it might seem. I have to keep at it, otherwise I’ll get out of the habit of writing daily and find other ways of distracting myself. I still struggle with anger and negativity. I try to stay positive and think positive thoughts. Especially when the weather is so beautiful! I really believe that I’m getting much better with my social and conversational skills. It takes practice, but the more I practice the better I get at talking to other people and making conversation. It never occurred to me that I could learn how to talk more easily to other people, especially strangers. Socializing really is a learned behavior, I just never knew that. I thought that’s just the way I was. I guess not!



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