My Second Chance At A Career

I’ve been doing so well, and I am really enjoying writing in my blog quite a bit. My symptoms of schizoaffective disorder (primarily the auditory hallucinations) have diminished considerably, and I am enjoying my life, and particularly my marriage quite a bit more. I am not sure exactly what caused my symptoms to decrease from the time I started writing my blog. My therapist said that it is because I am more focused on my writing, and less on “putting up a for rent sign in my head, inviting the voices to come in,” as she says. This means I have that much more time to spend on myself, and work on my own self-improvement. I don’t have to spend as much time trying to ignore what I hear and it also takes quite a bit less energy as well.

I have more time to write, chant, cook, read for pleasure, and work on song-writing with my husband. I didn’t have time for any of these things when I was working full-time. Maybe my long period of unemployment (or partial employment) along with the severity of my symptoms is really a blessing in disguise! I now have time for all these activities that I had never made time for in the past while I was working. The best thing would be if I could make a decent income from my writing. I also write children’s stories, short stories, and news articles, in addition to my blog. If I am able to compile my blog into a book, that would be great too. Anything to build my writing career!

I feel like I’m being given a second chance at a great career opportunity – writing! I’ve always enjoyed writing, even in school and for the few internships I had right out of graduate school. Now, I am able to explore other types of writing avenues, and hopefully one day they will pay off. I have a tendency to leave partially finished writing projects lying around. I have a couple of children’s stories that I haven’t finished that I am hoping to publish someday. I know it’s hard to get published (in any market) these days, but that is still my ultimate goal.


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