Never Give Up

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I’ve been working on copying and pasting my manuscript text into the formatted document provided by Create Space. I finished most of it this week, and have started making minor edits and fixing the endnotes. I believe I will be able to finalize my manuscript next week after which I will submit it to Create Space and it will be available for purchase on Amazon. I also plan to make an electronic version available as well. I finished writing the last chapter and added the last few sentences to the Epilogue on Tuesday. The last chapter, Chapter Twelve is titled, “Never Give Up.” Often over the past few months, I thought of incidences here and there, of someone I saw, or something someone said to me, and I reminded myself about how I would be sure to include it in my memoir. Many of these incidences, particularly the most recents ones, I did not include. After I had added one last sentence to the Epilogue and created Chapter Twelve, the “Never Give Up” chapter, I realized that I didn’t have anything else to say. As they say, “the rest is history.”

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I also need to write the Acknowledgements page and the Dedication page. I realize that I have a lot to be thankful for. I haven’t started thinking about these two sections yet because I feel that I have many people to acknowledge who have been a part of my life over the past twelve years. My husband, who has always stood by me as a source of constant love and support. My parents and my brothers, who have always been there for me and have done everything in their power to help. My husband’s family who cared for me as one of their own. My Buddhist friends and all my friends who aren’t Buddhist, have all been such an important part of my life, as both a source of support and companionship. I’ve also had many doctors, nurses, and therapists who have cared for me in various hospitals and clinics along the way. As much as I disliked being hospitalized, I always received the best care from doctors and nurses who were kind and nurturing. I need to think about the Dedication page as well. These pages will be very meaningful to me, and I want to write them well. Now, it is my turn to reach out to others to offer encouragement and support in any way I can.

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