New Strategies

Yesterday was a long day, but I was able to pack everything else that was left in our apartment except for the furniture. All we have to do now is go back and clean, and put the furniture in storage. We’ll stay in Gilroy until our house is ready in February unless we change our mind and buy something sooner. Yesterday I was packing, and I heard someone say,  It’s not just the Mafia that’s after you! I tried not to think about it. I finished packing, and putting everything in the car. Then I laid down to take a nap. I never really fell asleep so I got up and chanted for the last time in our apartment. Last night I set my altar up in our bedroom here in Gilroy. This morning I chanted for about 15 minutes. I lit the candles and burned the incense. It’s good to keep chanting. There’s a woman in Morgan Hill who has Buddhist meetings at her house. I can go there once and awhile until we move back to Sunnyvale. That way, I won’t feel isolated.

I had my therapy session last night at 7pm. It was pretty intense. I really like my therapist. She’s very focused, and that helps me to focus as well. I told her that I had left my Thought Record in Gilroy, and that I had had a bad afternoon on Friday. It just so happened that she had read and printed out my blog from Friday! I was very surprised! We went through what I had written and discussed it in more detail. She gave me some suggestions for things I can do when the voices become overwhelming. This is helpful because then on days like this past Friday, I will be better able to manage the voices, and not let them affect me. The first thing she said to do was to take 5-6 deep breaths, in through my nose and out through my mouth, in order to relax and circulate oxygen in my brain. The second thing she said would be good for me to do would be to change the activity that I am currently doing. For instance, on Friday I was reading on the futon. If I had stopped reading, and gotten up to exercise or chant rather than continuing to read, I probably would not have been so affected by the voices. She told me to keep adding to this list, so that I have several strategies to use to help me manage the voices on a day-to-day basis.

We put away the rest of our things last night, and our suitcase for DC is packed. It should be a fun trip, and it’s not even supposed to be that cold!

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