NuClear Is Where We Were All Headed – Towards Nuclear War

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It isn’t me Jim. It wasn’t me, Jennifer L Myers, that personally brought these people here to Spc 64, next door to my house – Spc 65. I need to add a few more names for additional people related to the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia that still need to (1) become NuClear (2) take care of 100% positive drug tests, or (3) resolve other issue with Jim.

Grateful Dead

  • B. Kreutzmann
  • B. Weir
  • M. Hart
  • P. Lesh
  • B. Mydland
  • V. Welnick
  • J. Mayer

Garcia Family Foundation

  • Annabelle Garcia
  • “Trixie” Keelin Garcia

This is all the information I have right now.

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