One Year Anniversary At Spc 64

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Based on the fact that the people who constantly torment, harass, and abuse me on a daily basis are still present in the house next door, I decided to write a more specific and detailed blog post(s) about what’s been happening over the past year, as well as more detailed information about the events of the past few days, weeks and months.

Andrew McCabe gave me a migraine as soon as I woke up this morning by yelling into his headset. He continues this practice of yelling/mumbling/rambling into his headset with the volume turned up as loud as it gets. This disturbs both myself and everyone else in the house next door. I am not entirely sure why he does this.

Obama has also harassed/sexually harassed me repeatedly over the past few months. He seemed to think he could persuade me into working with him on some sort of bioprospecting research project, presumably in an attempt to finagle money out of what’s left of the U.S. government. He persists in harassing me repeatedly in spite of constant admonitions and warnings by those responsible for the investigation. Obama is a massive meth addict and he often follows my footsteps in this house as he walks from one end of Spc 64 to the other, dragging his meth IV drip behind like some sort of hospital patient. Two nights ago, Morgan Freeman sat down next to him and sat there feeling sorry for himself because he was sitting in a chair wearing nothing but a hospital gown opened in this front so his penis was hanging out. The only thing he had to say for himself is, “I’m a very sick man.”

Bin Laden is another one who showed up here, first as “The Bear” from the San Francisco FBI Office, then as an Afghan poppy farmer, and then as himself: Obama’s one true love. How sad. The problem with Bin Laden is that he perceives everything around him (including myself in the house next door) as his. For some reason, he decided he was going to marry me and often attempted to communicate with me in this manner. However, he has admitted to some people that he previously spent time in India as a snake charmer. He is facing charges for the World Trade Center along with Obama, Warren Myers, & Preston Scott. Jeff Myers was the one who flew the plane into the Pentagon. Oops. McCabe and Warren were on the flight that crash landed in Pennsylvania.

Here’s another lawsuit waiting to happen:

For the past couple of weeks a certain group of people participated in some sort of activity that was supposed to have demonstrated their “murderous intent” directed at me specifically. They used acupuncture needles, kitchen knives (one of which had my name typed on a piece of paper and taped to the handle of the knife blade), and a gun. Kim Walter started using the acupuncture needles by sticking them in her neck. The others carried a knife and a few more held onto a gun. I did not realize what was happening at first, but I did feel significant stress, tension, discomfort, soreness and some pain during my waking hours. The stress and tension was located primarily in my left arm, shoulder, the neck and behind my left shoulder blade. The physical pain and discomfort associated with whatever they are doing is extremely debilitating.

When I start to stretch, kind of like getting a massage, the muscles and knots loosen up, the tension goes away, and then the whole things starts all over again. Right now, it feels as if there is a knot below my left shoulder blade. What this means is that someone in Spc 64 is holding a gun (or possibly a knife) “in order to depict their murderous intent.”

These are the people involved in what is still considered targeted persecution:

Kim Walter – acupuncture needles

Anna Javier – knife, gun

Jennifer Aniston – gun

Andrew McCabe – gun

Warren Myers – gun

Jeff Myers – instigator

Sue Myers – instigator, passing the knife/gun around

Tana Ramsay – knife

Raul – gun

Jeanine Brown – needles, ?

Marco Edinger – gun

Jim Harbaugh – ??

Kathy Griffin – gun?

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