Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary!

Last night I finished my million daimoku (chanting/prayer) campaign. I started it in June, 2010. I completed my campaign in a year and a half, and was able to change my life. Today I started a new daimoku campaign, although I haven’t decided on my goals yet. Today is also our 3rd wedding anniversary! We’re leaving tomorrow to visit my parents in Colorado, so we’ll celebrate our anniversary over there. I couldn’t be happier!

The wreath my mom sent us came today. John’s mom opened the box, and we hung it on the front door. We all admired the wreath. It smells very fresh! Thank you mom for sending us the wreath! I am doing much better with the voices today. I continue to work on ignoring them. I don’t pay attention to what they say, and I don’t let them affect me. I designed an anniversary card for my husband, and I can’t wait to show it to him when he gets home from work. I love my husband more than anything.

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