Our New House!

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Finally! Yesterday I picked up our new house keys with our puppy Savannah. John & I are so excited! We can’t wait to move in and get settled. I let Savannah into our house yesterday & she ran around sniffing the carpet. She also tried to get me to play a game of hide & seek with her, but I wasn’t falling for it. She loved our new house too!

I’ve been doing well this past week. I felt bad last Friday, and spent the entire afternoon in bed napping and watching TV. I was feeling overwhelmed and very stressed with all the birthdays this month, and getting everything settled with our new house. I also attended a NAMI presentation (In Our Own Voice) in the morning. It was a great presentation. The women were very informative and also very courageous for sharing their personal experiences. Maybe I can share my experience as well!

I had my therapy appointment yesterday as well. We had a good session. We talked about how I felt on Friday, and how we’ll wrap up our last two sessions. My therapist is moving on with her program, and I’ve decided to take a break from my private therapy for a few months. I’m going to give myself some time to move in and get settled before deciding if I want to continue private therapy with a new therapist. I really benefitted from my therapy over the past six months, and I’m really glad I went to my sessions on a regular basis. The therapy was very positive and beneficial, and my therapist really helped me to deal with the voices in my head. I glad we met!

I know my husband and I have more challenges ahead, but I am also very confident that we will be able to successfully handle them together. I am still working on writing my memoir, and starting a freelance writing business. I’m not giving up on myself or anyone else!

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