Better Days

Yesterday was Halloween. I dressed up as an Egyptian Queen and went trick-or-treating with my niece and her kids. It ended up being a really warm day. I didn’t post to my blog yesterday, mainly because I was helping babysit. John went in to work late today, so we went for a jog this morning.

Staying In Gilroy

John and I both had a restless night last night. He woke up tired, but I’m feeling better than I was yesterday afternoon and last night. We’re at his parents’ house now, getting ready to bring some more boxes back from Sunnyvale. We’re thinking of adopting a small dog when we move in February. John

A Worrisome Afternoon

I read some more of my book this afternoon, The Center Cannot Hold. While I was reading the voices started talking to me. They told me they wanted me to give up on my Buddhist practice because that was what started the fight between me and the Mafia. I think they mean when I was

The Center Cannot Hold

This morning I read in bed for awhile before I got up. The book I ordered, The Center Cannot Hold came in the mail yesterday, so I started reading it. It’s a very good book, and it has won a lot of literary awards. So far, I’m about half way through. It’s a memoir written by Elyn

Inner Change

I chanted for an hour this morning. While I was chanting the voices were telling me not to chant, or to put a time limit on how much I chant. Then they said I couldn’t write in my blog about them, or collect state disability. Someone else said they (the voices) were working very hard