Memories of the Past

John came home from work early yesterday, and we were taking a nap before working out and having dinner. I lay in bed thinking about what happened back when I was living in Southern California and the voices started. I began experiencing extreme paranoia and other symptoms of schizophrenia. Yesterday the voices kept telling me

The Art of Compassion & Nonviolence

I went to a Creative Writing class yesterday afternoon, and really enjoyed meeting the people there. We were able to share our writing with the other class members, and I thought that was a great experience, especially being able to hear other people’s voices reading what they wrote. I wrote about wolves, Buddhism, and the

Working On Myself

Last night my husband said he was disappointed in me. That made me feel sad. I don’t want him to feel disappointed in me. He was referring to the weekend we spent in L.A., and his brother’s cancer walk. We didn’t arrive at his brother’s house until 2:30am Saturday morning, so I didn’t end up

Going To L.A.

We’re riding down to L.A. to visit John’s brother for the weekend. We’re going to spend Saturday walking for the annual Relay for Life, an event that supports cancer research. Right now it’s almost 1am. I took some notes on some voices I heard a little while ago, and decided to post to my blog.

My Book Project

My husband and I were discussing moving out of our apartment complex last night. We are looking at our options and considering what types of housing are available in Sunnyvale in our price range. Houses are pretty much out of the question, but we have been considering condos (preferably a 2 bedroom), and mobile homes