Personal Growth

I read a quote today by Daisaku Ikeda, the president of my Buddhist organization. The quote reads, “Without opposition there is no growth. It is hard to argue with that logic. A state in which we are free from problems or constraints is not happiness. Happiness is transcending all opposition and obstacles and continuing to grow.” This made me think about my own circumstances, and my attitude toward the obstacles I’ve faced over the years, particularly at this point in my life. Our own happiness often comes down to how we view our circumstances. For example, do I see my illness as something negative that I must simply put up with, or can I use it as a source of growth and learn from my experiences? Sometimes the ability to transform our attitude makes all the difference in our lives.

I often think that if only I didn’t hear voices, then everything would be fine. Learning how to manage my illness, and using obstacles and difficulties to learn and grow from allows me to achieve a greater state of happiness that I never would have reached if I had not experienced those problems.

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